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Where the Truth About Insurance and Financing is Unvailed

Leading Insurance and Financing Open Discussion Forum.Welcome to Insurance Open Forum. We encourage everyone who has had bad experiences in insurance to tell their story to us. Unlike other insurance-related websites, we dare not harp on all the good things about insurance programs.

We believe in one simple theory – that by highlighting some very valid complaints, we can draw a balanced portrait of the different insurance programs in the market today. While we believe that everybody in the world should be adequately insured, it is also important that people are equally informed on what insurance products they are purchasing beyond the hype and pitch of insurance salesmen.

Our aim is to build up a three-dimensional awareness on the different insurance programs available. We all believe that all purchasing choices boil down to one fundamental math: great product = benefits + tradeoffs. No matter how a great an insurance product is, there are always tradeoffs that consumers must be aware of.

To say that there are many insurance programs today would be an understatement. There are as many insurance products in the market today as the important things in urban living. So apart from life insurance and healthcare, you will also find insurance programs for jewelry, entertainment productions, cars, homes, buildings… Practically in industries where there is a great risk of loss, there you can expect to find a corresponding insurance program.

All this is good news. However, not all is rosy. From genuine misleading claims to a lack of understanding of insurance terms, these are just one of the many problems that haunt the insurance industry. By no means have these problems reached epic proportions, but they are worth looking into because they can and do happen even to the best of people.

If you’ve got a story to tell, do let us know about it. We assure you that all information revealed to us will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

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